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[This article belongs to Volume - 46, Issue - 5]

Abstract :

Stern foil is an innovation that can be used on high-speed vessel craft. This innovation uses the same principles as interceptor but using hydrofoil. Interceptor are used to reduce the wetted surface area of the transom by making vortex under the transom, this kind of change will increase speed and reduce the total resistance of the ship. The mechanism on how the stern foil reduces the total resistance is an interesting question in term of ship hydrodynamics. This study aims to analyse the resistance reduction on high-speed patrol vessel by application of stern foil using simulation model. The study was carried out using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with hydrodynamic parameters using a variation of the angle of attack 3˚ and 0˚ on Froude number range 0.6 - 1.3 with service load at 2 kg. The simulation result was obtained the optimal work for stern foil is at service load (2 kg) is a reduction in the total resistance of about 26,70% with the angle of attack is 0˚ in Froude number 0.9.