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[This article belongs to Volume - 47, Issue - 01]

Abstract : The article discusses the levels of radon concentration in soil samples from the Midelt region of Morocco. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is known to increase the risk of lung cancer, and understanding its presence and migration is important for predicting and mitigating radon exposure in indoor environments. The study aims to determine the natural levels of radon radioactivity in soil samples from four locations in the Midelt region and evaluate the collective impact of radiological hazard indices, such as annual effective dose equivalent, surface area, and mass radon exhalation rate. The soil samples were collected from Tounfite, Boumia, Aghbalou, and Zaida, and analyzed using the AlphaGUARD device to measure the activity concentration of radon. This study provides important information about the levels of radon concentration in the soil of the Midelt region of Morocco, which can be used to predict and mitigate radon exposure in residential and other indoor environments.